"Curve Math"

Art The ability to distinguish between good and bad is one of the earliest lessons we learn in life.
We progressively enter a world that is black and white.
Where part of what we do is beneficial and some of it is bad.
These are the first hues we discover when we are young.
You also begin learning some “new colors” at the same time.
Real success comes from having a feeling of one’s inner soul, which helps one make proper decisions in life.

Curve Math: A Human Photo Manipulation – is an extraordinary and visually compelling artwork that invites viewers to contemplate the multifaceted nature of life and the human experience. It serves as a testament to the power of art to convey meaningful messages and evoke profound emotions.

Curve Math is a mesmerizing piece of digital photo manipulation art that seamlessly fuses mathematical elements with the human form to convey a powerful and multi-faceted message about life, self-determination, fluidity, equality, authenticity, transparency, and joy.

Curve Math #01 – Life is Colorful.
which are Unseen to Us:

This artwork masterfully incorporates hidden, vibrant colors that remain concealed from immediate perception. It serves as a visual metaphor, reminding us that life’s richness and diversity often exist beneath the surface and beyond what we can see.

Curve Math #02 – Shape Us.
You Can Only Shape Yourself, and No One Can:

Mathematical curves and patterns elegantly intertwine with the contours of the human figure, emphasizing the idea that personal growth and self-shaping are intrinsic and self-driven processes, not subject to external control.

Curve Math #03 – Go with the Flow.

Whatever You Are Doing, You Are Doing Well, Go with That Flow Without Stopping Yourself:

The harmonious integration of the human form within flowing mathematical curves encourages viewers to embrace life’s natural rhythms, trust their own capabilities, and avoid obstructing their own progress.

Curve Math #04 – Insider.
Your Aim of Life is Hidden Within You:

The artwork symbolizes that one’s life purpose and aspirations are often internal and deeply personal, waiting to be uncovered through introspection and self-discovery.

Curve Math #05 – Black Lives Matter.
The Color of Human Skin is Nature, Never Compare:

A poignant message of equality and social justice is conveyed through the inclusion of “Black Lives Matter,” emphasizing that human skin color is a natural facet of our diversity and should never be a basis for comparison or discrimination.

Curve Math #06 – Transparency.
You Live Your Life Transparently Without Hiding Yourself, So No Need to Worry, Be Free as You Are:

Elements of transparency underscore the importance of living authentically, openly, and without fear of judgment. It encourages viewers to embrace their true selves and break free from societal expectations.

Curve Math #07 – Joy.
Never Ever Skip Joyful Moments:

The artwork exudes a sense of celebration and joy, reminding viewers to cherish moments of happiness, savor life’s joys, and maintain a positive outlook.

knack art

Imaginative rough sketches on paper serve as the initial creative blueprints for my artwork. These raw sketches are where my ideas take their first form, capturing the essence of my imagination on paper. With each pencil stroke, I explore the concept’s potential, allowing my creativity to flow freely.

Later, I transition these rough sketches into a digital realm, using powerful tools like Photoshop to transform them into vibrant and visually captivating digital art pieces. The digital medium empowers me to infuse color, depth, and intricate details into my work, breathing life into my initial sketches. It’s a process where my imagination takes on a new dimension, as I meticulously refine and enhance each element, resulting in visually arresting creations that can evoke emotions and captivate the viewer.

The fusion of traditional sketching and digital artistry allows me to bring my ideas to life in a way that’s both imaginative and technically precise. It’s a journey of creativity and transformation, where the initial spark of inspiration on paper evolves into colorful and visually stunning works of digital art that invite viewers to explore and connect with the stories and emotions behind each piece.

Dress Up

She couldn’t help but experience excitement as she put on the new outfit. The fabric was soft against her flesh, and her skin stood out against the vivid colors. In front of the reflection, she spun as she admired the way the dress framed her. She was excited to show it off to her loved ones and was appreciative of the opportunity to feel stunning and self-assured in her own house.


Hanging out by yourself can be a wonderful way to relax and reenergize. Spending some time alone can be a welcome change of pace, whether you’re reading a novel, taking a walk in the park, or engaging in your favorite hobby. It’s crucial to keep in mind that being by yourself need not result in loneliness. Seize the chance to get to know yourself better and savor the quiet that isolation brings. So go ahead and organize that solitary trip; you never know, it might be just what you need.


The young child danced joyfully, his feet tapping in time with his heartbeat. His movements were uninhibited and unrestrained, freely showing his ecstatic feelings. He appeared to exude an infectious energy with each stride that uplifted those around him. As he danced to the music of his own emotions, his face lit up with joy and his eyes sparkled with mirth. The boy lost himself in the sheer joy of dancing, savoring every minute of that pure, unadulterated happiness.

Night Walk

He experienced a strong feeling of familiarity and comfort as he strolled through the deserted streets in the shimmering moonlight. In the peaceful night, the imposing skyscrapers seemed to be whispering to him. He felt awe and appreciation for the place he called home as he strolled along, taking in the city’s recognizable contours. Even though it was late and there was silence all around him, he felt a feeling of connection to and belonging in the city that never slept.


The girl in this art makes a sassy stance on the sand while donning a chic bowler hat. Her face is gorgeously framed by the headwear, which gives the scene a whimsical touch while highlighting her. This picture depicts a moment of carefree pleasure and excitement with the sound of the ocean waves crashing in the backdrop. The girl radiates a sense of self-assurance and energy that is truly inspiring, whether she is posing for a picture or just taking in the beauty of the shore.


“Wait” usually refers to the act of remaining stationary or in a state of anticipation for a while, frequently while anticipating the arrival, occurrence, or completion of something or someone. Being forced to wait can be difficult because it can make one feel impatient, frustrated, tired, or anxious. However, waiting can also be a productive time to think, make plans, relax, or just be in the present. Depending on the situation, waiting times and goals can be very different, whether it’s standing in line, awaiting test findings, waiting for a loved one, or anticipating a moment that will change your life.


The girl was lying in the hammock, her body moving softly to the sound of the waves. A image of calm was portrayed by the warm sand beneath her soles, the salty breeze on her skin, and the golden radiance of the setting sun. She let the peace of the moment flow over her as she closed her eyes. A calming symphony was produced by the sound of the waters lapping against the beach and the distant cries of seabirds. The sky transformed into a painting of soft hues as the sun sank below the horizon, evoking serenity over the shoreline. Deeply thankful for this instant of unadulterated happiness, the girl felt a strong sense of satisfaction.

Thank you !

Thank you for taking the time to immerse yourself in my artwork. Each piece is a labor of love and creativity, and I’m thrilled to share them with you.

If any of my works have touched your heart or stirred your soul, I invite you to consider collecting those that resonate with you the most. Owning art is like having a piece of an artist’s soul in your own space—a constant source of inspiration and connection.

Your support means the world to me and fuels my passion to continue creating. Together, we can keep the spirit of art alive and thriving. Thank you for being a part of this journey.