In October 2022, Rohan┃f9artist took the first step in minting his works of art on the blockchain. Since then, he has produced and minted artworks as Editions (ERC-1155, multi-token / Single -token on the blockchain) and 1/1s (ERC-721, only one existing token on the blockchain).

All works are Minted under the following address:
ETH – 0x069Bc8a45010b244c5dbf08D8344cff5394B1A49 
TEZOS – tz1VD7dypHg5YiqwwSn3brdvTzCxUneUDtLc

1 OF 1


“Day & Night” (Mar,2024) 

“LIKE-REPOST” (Jan, 2024) Sold for 0.1 ETH

“EVERY 5 MINUTES” (Nov,2023) Sold for 0.1 ETH

CURVE MATH (Photo Manipulation)
Curve Math #04 – Insider (Aug,2023) Sold for 0.05 ETH

Curve Math #05 – Black Lives Matter (Aug,2023)

Curve Math #06 – Transparency (Aug,2023)

Curve Math #07 – Joy (Aug,2023)

Curve Math #03 – Go with the Flow (Feb,2023)

Curve Math #01 – Life is Colorful (Oct,2022) 

Curve Math #02 – Shape Us (Oct,2022)

Celestial Wonders (Collage Art)
“Burn Way” (Jan, 2024)

“Celestial Bridge – Guiding Light” (Jan, 2024)

“Sand of Wonder – Earth’s Majesty” (Jan, 2024)

“Floral – Mountain Path” (Jan, 2024)

“Retentio Redux” (Jan, 2024)

“Surreal Gateway” (Jan, 2024) 


Joy Bringer (Animation)

“Joy Bringer” animates the pure essence of happiness embodied in one person. This artwork honours those who share happiness with colourful graphics and upbeat movements, serving as a constant reminder that there is always a positive light in the world ( Jan,2024).

Limited Edition 26/27 –


Walking Character (Animation)

Introducing the amazing walking machine! 🚶‍♂️ Driven by curiosity and inspired by spirit. The trip of this avatar is a Dancing pixel walk that infuses the digital world with excitement and movement (Oct,2023).    

#Character – Minter #001 Edition 9/10

#Character – Bidder #002 Edition 9/10 

#Character – Cerulean #003 Edition 10/10

#Character – Tempo #004 Edition 10/10

Knack Art (Digital Drawing)

Pose (Mar,2023) Supply: 7/7

Sunset (Mar,2023) Supply: 6/7

Wait (Mar,2023) Supply: 7/7 

Joyfully (Mar,2023) Supply: 7/7 

Night Walk (Mar,2023) Supply: 7/7

Dress Up (Mar,2023) Supply: 7/7

Hangout (Mar,2023) Supply: 7/7


I am a self-taught visionary in the field of digital art who uses Adobe Creative Cloud to translate my imagination into a vibrant range of artistic expressions.

I travel the vast regions of imagination with a toolkit that has no boundaries, creating everything from complex illustrations to compelling animations.

My experience as a self-taught digital artist is proof of my unwavering passion and commitment.

I’ve started an exciting study of my creative potential armed with Adobe’s toolkit.

I use the brushes in Photoshop, the vectors in Illustrator, and the animations in After Effects to bring my ideas to life on the canvas of my computer screen.

One of the hallmarks of my self-taught path is the adaptability of my skill.

I am a storyteller that creates narratives on various digital canvases, from detailed digital paintings that invite viewers into new realms to animations that bring still images to life.

My partners in mixing reality and fantasy smoothly are Adobe’s products.

Rohan┃f9artist Graphic Designer | Animator
"Imagination pixels: where art becomes digital."

“All I want is to use my art to make people happy and to make enough money to support my dream journey.”

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