Character NFT Collection

f9artist animated artwork

“Day & Night”

“Day & Night” is a Sparkling representation of the difference between the relaxed environment of daytime activities and the focused intensity of invention at night. By allowing viewers to follow the artist as they alternate between periods of inspiration and rest, it highlights the value of striking a balance during the creative process.


Each like adds a touch of wonder, while a repost sends the enchantment soaring.

Tapping “Like” makes you a part of the wonder rather than just acknowledging it.& “Repost” is equivalent to casting a spell, spreading the magic far and wide.

     GM Fam 🌻
“Joy Bringer”

“Joy Bringer” animates the pure essence of happiness embodied in one person. This artwork honours those who share happiness with colourful graphics and upbeat movements, serving as a constant reminder that there is always a positive light in the world.

“Every 5 Minutes”

This piece of art provides a visual representation of the constant stream of notifications we receive on X. The vibrant colours reflect the life of social media, and the many notifications—which come up every five minutes—highlight how addicting our relationships are on the X.

Even in a world where information is constantly at our fingertips, “Every 5 minutes” serves as a reminder of the constant digital environment we live in. Whether you find the X frenzy exciting or overwhelming, this artwork captures the essence of it.